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    302 Hanmore Industrial Parkway,
    Harlingen, TX 78550

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    1. Adam 3 months ago

      This is Adam form Longsail group, we are a shipping company headquartered in SHENZHEN ,China.
      We specialize in intl logistics service more than 25 years, and
      we work with more than 15 carrier companies like EMC, MSC, OOCL ,ONE, COSCO, MSK, YML, CMA, WHL, ZIM,HPL.
      Our services mainly cover:
      Ocean & air freight;
      Customs clearance service;
      Door move;
      FBA delivery
      The list below is the latest shipping quotation:
      LOS ANGELES, CA 1*40HQ USD2800
      OAKLAND, CA 1*40HQ USD2900
      TACOMA, WA 1*40HQ USD3100
      NEW YORK, NY 1*40HQ USD7000
      HOUSTON , TX 1*40HQ USD7500
      SAVANNAH,GE 1*40HQ USD7300
      VANCOUVER,BC 1*40HQ USD3400
      TORONTO, ON 1*40HQ USD8000
      Sincerely hope I can assist you in your shipping business.

    2. Carl E 2 months ago

      Do you need help with graphic design – brochures, banners, flyers, advertisements, social media posts, logos etc?

      We charge a low fixed monthly fee. Let me know if you’re interested and would like to see our portfolio.

    3. Peter watt 2 months ago

      Broke an antenna on my drwc4.3 backup camera is there a replacement?

    4. Guy 2 months ago

      Second 4v2 amp that I purchase , both went dead
      Is there a way to reset it ?
      First one DOA
      Second worked for 20 minutes
      I was hoping to use this model on my future bike build for my customers

    5. Good morning;

      My name is Guillermo Peña and I work for Metrology Laboratories Inc., a calibration accredited lab, located in McAllen Texas.

      We do equipment calibration on measuring and test equipment.

      Our Laboratory also performs Dimensional Analysis using high accuracy equipment.

      Please contact me if your company requires our service.

      For more specific information, attached please find our calibration certificate.

      Thank you

      Guillermo Peña Longoria
      Metrology Laboratories, Inc.
      ISO 17025:2017 ACCREDITED NO. 59329
      5111 N. 10th St. #271
      McAllen, Tx 78504
      Ph: 956 792 8095

    6. Jesiica 2 months ago

      I was looking at your website and noticed it appears the word “celsius” is spelled wrong. I had similar problems on my site until someone mentioned it to me and I also now use software from to keep my site error free.

    7. Christy Holland 2 months ago

      Hello – Would you like to purchase the attendee contacts list of SEMA Show 2022?


      QUALIFIED BUYERS – Retailer/jobber, repair/service/installation, wholesaler/distributor/WD, builder/fabricator/converter, vehicle dealer and many more with direct phone numbers…

      If you are interested to purchase reply back as “Send Counts and Pricing”.

      Best Regards,
      Christy Holland
      Tradeshow Coordinator

    8. Eric Alexander 1 month ago

      I have the Euphoria EX4 amp. It’s two weeks old and has been on about six times. Now it won’t power on. I verified power and ground. Any thoughts?

    9. jeffrey lynn welpman 1 month ago

      How do I break in a pair of your 12″ subwoofers? Thanks

    10. Gregory L Martin 2 weeks ago

      I was trying to win some WDX DRIVE subwoofers

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