• Crisp & Clean! New A8 Amplifiers

    New DB Drive amps now have
    built in crossovers for
    A8 Home Page Postmaximum flexibility.

  • K9 Subwoofers

    The K9 Subwoofers keep
    performance ahead of the competition.

    • P7 6K Pro Audio Component Set

      Our new component set will make your music sound its very best, whether you like rap, rock, reggae, or classical. Read More...

    • New DB Drive Marine Audio

      Utilizing a unique design, we incorporate Pro Audio grade acoustics with marine grade performance. Get some! Read More...

    • A7Pro 2.5K New for 2014!

      Wow! This amp will rock your ride with up to 2500 watts of clean power. Now in stock, ready to ship! Read More...

    • New V2 Series DB Loudspeakers

      Our new V2 line of speakers feature aluminum voice coils and heavy gauged steel stamped baskets. So rock on! Read More...