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Before installing a power amplifier in your system you should take into consideration the vehicle’s ability to provide adequate. current to the amplifier. The most vehicles, the alternator is only capable of supplying a little over the requirements for the standard electrical system(i.e. headlights, air conditioning e.t.c.)Depending on how you play your system will determine the amount of current you will need. For example you listen to your system and low listening levels, then you’ll probably use less than one-third the rated current draw. If you play your system loud, then you will use most of the rated current of the amplifier.

Most alternators have about a 40 percent reserve capability. In order to determine how many in ampere of current you will have for your system. You will need to find out what your alternator is rated at. If you’re not sure of the total amperage of your alternator, a good place to look is on the alternator itself.

Most alternators have a metal tag stating the total average available. If you can’t find the tag, Check with the manufacture to find out the rated amperage. Once rated current of the alternator is determined. You need to multiply this number by. 40 in order to determine the reserve current available for use with your power amplifier.


For example:


ALTERNATOR = 80 AMPS 80 X .40 = 32 AMPS


Please keep in mind this is an estimate only not exact science. It is best to get your electrical system tested by a professional to determine electrical system true capabilities.